About Our Products

General Specifications

Sliding glass doors of the types and sizes shown on our plans are called Series 300 Aluminum Sliding Glass Doors as manufactured by Metal-Craft Products Company. MATERIALS: Aluminum Sliding Glass Doors are constructed of extruded aluminum of 6063-T5 alloy with a nominal wall thickness of not less than 0.062″. Component parts are of corrosion resistant …

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Standard Door Sizes

Actual Sizes for “Standard” Doors We do not stock standard sized doors because we make ALL of our doors from scratch, standard or otherwise. We can manufacture any size and any configuration, but the standard doors are sized to accept standard sized glass. Where X = Sliding (Vent) Panel and O = Fixed Panel as …

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Our contemporary design hardware is constructed so as to incorporate a jam-proof manually operated latch.  All of our outside pulls and latches are easily adaptable for cylinder locks.

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From Left to right: Mill White Paint Clear Anodized Bronze Paint Bronze Anodized

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Assembly Instructions

Download Assembly Instructions: OX Patio Door Assembly Guide.pdf OXXO Door Assembly Guide.pdf Service Window/Cut Down Patio Door Assembly Guide.pdf Trophy Case Assembly Guide.pdf Access Assembly Instruction Videos

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Detailed Drawings

Service Windows OX  – Exterior Sill – Single Glaze OX  – Exterior Sill – Dual Glaze OX – Interior Sill – Single Glaze OX XO – Exterior Sill – Single Glaze OXXO – Exterior Sill – Dual Glaze OXO – Exterior Sill – Single Glaze OXO – Exterior Sill – Dual Glaze XX – Interior …

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XOXO – What’s This?

Where X = Sliding (Vent) Panel and O = Fixed Panel as viewed from the OUTSIDE  OXXO XOOX OXO (Specify Side) OX XO XOO OOX [/raw]

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